Cavalcade of Risk #215 – Dog Days of Summer Edition

Dog Days of Summer
Dog Days of Summer
Dog Days of Summer, Cavalcade of Risk
Dog Days of Summer

Yes, it’s the Dog Days of Summer, but that doesn’t stop intrepid posters from sending in their contributions to this week’s CAV. I’m excited to be hosting my first-ever Cavalcade of Risk. Let’s review the offerings:

First up, R.J. Weiss over at The Insurance Protection Blog. RJ’s post this week, Online Password Management Best Practices and Tips covers another angle on cyber protection and hacking. RJ provides pointers as to how you can control the potential damage to your data and systems from a cyber attack, even if you can’t control how others you do business with manage their own cyber exposure.

Michael Stack is next. His post A Delicate Dance With Your Work Comp Claims Adjuster goes into the difficulties adjusters face when trying to match their account exec’s and salespeople’s crazy promises about how claims will be handled. Dave’s blog is over at Workers Comp Roundup. Give it a look.

Our next post, instead of talking about lions and tigers and bears, oh my!, Claire Wilkinson offers interesting information on the potential health hazards from insect bites and stings on the job. In Insects, Spiders and Mites: A Workplace Hazard, Claire gives statistics and insights into this less known hazard to working outside, particularly in the summer. Her blog is over at the Terms and Conditions Blog.

Now on to the healthcare side of the industry where Jason Shafrin writes for the Healthcare Economist. Jason’s post: Too Much or Too Little Regulation, where Jason links to a story from MSN which cites GAO statistics on how easy it is to game the Obamacare system to obtain Federal subsidies for health insurance that aren’t warranted.

Finally, we have Henry Stern’s unusual story about a man who sued his insurance agent for assault. The man won his case, and the agency “retaliated” by paying a portion of the judgement in coins. When reading Shortsighted Agency Tricks, you can’t help but wonder how people can be so insensitive to how their actions can be perceived in the media. On one hand, coins are legal tender, but to dump off a bunch buckets filled with coins for a 76 year old man to carry, come on. Our industry has a hard enough time maintaining a positive public image, this is just tossing a softball to the media. And with social media these days, you can bet this went viral. Henry has many other interesting posts at Insureblog.

Cavalcade of Risk Readers

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